Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ok. here's the thing. i got crush on this guy. and he add me at msn. farking handsome and fair. firstly, i was like 'kimice, dier add aku kat msn sahhh *hopping*' tup tup tup! sekali kene main balik. lmao. dier dengan sweetalk dier never ending. sumpah. cakap tak tengok muke cume hati, padahal padahal. brother check for me, skali hah kau. msn sume friends perempuan. haha, farker. k aku da block and delete kau. bye.

me and my brothers favourite word: 'Lu boleh buat apa? + irritating face'  HAHA
there's only one guy in my heart at this very moment. everytime i look at him, he cools me down. i'm in love with him, yes i am. he is a handsome guy with a great heart. his name is zac efron. lol. sorry, but i really obsess with him since secondary school. i talk to him, but i wonder  why he never reply me back. haha -___________- i'm bored. it's 3am. and i can't sleep. been sleeping at 4am and wake up at 2pm. damn, i'm a girl.
my handphone wallpaper. everywhere i go, i bring him. lucky i share my room with brother. if not, i paste his picture at my wall. heh.
can i have another round of raya? i'm broke:\
dear brother, we're gonna go US soon. i can't wait ^^
i miss her already, eventhough we just met errr, tuesday. haha.

she's in love with mr.z. ohhh my~
i hope we bump into mr.z soon, so she can let her 'missing' feeling go. haha. anw, i think mr.z is a good guy. can see lah. lmao. i said this when i saw one. hahahaha! ok shut up farah.
will burah meet mr.z soon k. amin. (:

okay, it's 3.30 in 10mins time. i wanna rest. tomorow working. meet me after work anyone? okay wait, i'm a loner. bye, xoxo