Monday, November 29, 2010

pilih - pilih
tattoos o.O

hi nak number awak
kecian, tido sebelah i meh HEHE
lelaki yang playboy slalu bobal same dengan pompan lain jugak, kan ? ^^
you sexy, i suke (:
never ignore a person who loves and care for you. One day you may realize you've lost the moon while counting the stars.
i just came back from JB. i'm sooooooooooo tired.
used to be like me and __________ but tak ke sampaian HAHA

cute nyer
i saw this kind of shade at Cine. i wanted to buy but checked the price tag $ 350 terberak sia aku

yeah :/
but think twice, i got the best friends around me
i like this quote. totally true, i like !
HAHA babi
it takes a boy to say he's different but it takes a man to actually show it. It takes a girl to give up and assume every guy is the same but it takes a woman to give chances through the pain.
It takes time to understand a girl. But is she's really worth it, you'd take the time to try and figure her out. You can't know everything aboout a girl in a matter of days. It takes time. Phone calls, fights, dates and every minute you're with her, you begin to know more and more about her. It taked time to know a girl well. Not fully, but well. If she reallt mattered to you, you'd take the time.

It’s funny how when someone says they love you, you can’t really feel it, but when they don’t love you anymore, you can feel every ounce of what was drain out of your entire being (:
aku suke buat dier suffer, make it look that i'm not interested. See kalau dier make any effort to get my attention and win my heart. But please, out of 10 guys, none pon yang make effort to pasal i forever single  haha
confirm bo haha favourite word
The problem with guys is, they pretend to like you when they don't. The problem with girls is, they pretend they don't like you when they really do, right? -.-
when my hair is wet, the curls so sexy. if dry already, macam dawai siaaa LOL
For someone who said that he loves me and will make me love him, he's not doing anything right now. Guys, and words.
mentel nyer aku niarie asal sia o.O
handsome sey kau sayang
you knnow the answer ?
pay day! sheesha anyone ?
Don't you ever wonder if a boy has ever truly saw you and said " Wow, she's beautiful."
darling, i can look at you all day (:
i'm in love .......... with this guy (:
i like to hug tall guys from their back like this. then i tip-toe. like cute like that.
ok nie cute
Sometimes you have to test someone. Not because you don't trust them, but to see how much they'll sacrifice for you. And sometimes you have to let them go, not because you suddenly stopped loving them, but to see if they love you enough to come back.

I've lived a single life for so long that the thought of having a boyfriend scares me now :/
 i don't know why i got many pictures of girls / guys have tattoos 0.0

prolly my hair length now

please R, leave me alone
my daddy versace perfume, my mom body shop perfume, my brothers AX perfume and my VS perfume
me, farah and hasif HAHAHA!
OTP with girlfriend and best friend (: