Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shooo sweet .

i make a BIG BIG mistake today and i cry )':
tonight !
i don't want to talk about what happend today cause brother forgive me already(:
mentel ~
if i can say straight to his face that i like him ..
you'll never know
brother blow his ciggy smoke to me and i choke LOL

ehk hasif, kau eh k aku mepek -.-
macam ikot cite spiderman jeeeee
eeeee, handsome nyer sampai menjilat jari O.O
me annnnnnd __________ i don't know who i can't think of any now
on the phone with my best friends^^
i say sorry to brother but brother at first ignore but now okay already
tak faham lagi ? 
sorry, i tak pernah cium orang ade bacteria LOL -.-
i want to wear a lot like this but my hand look so eeee idk why

nanti i jealous you tak tau kan ?
colour maut \m/
i'm wondering what should i buy HEHEHE
you lawa macam barbie
same length and same curl as mine currently sooooo boring curl

oh yeah
i'm single and when i'm sad. there's no boyfriend for you to cry on so just stop and think. that there's always ALWAYS a best friend who cared and loved you. so yeah, no need boyfriend even best friend to comfort you ALWAYS (: