Sunday, November 21, 2010


i gotta tell ya, she's pucking fair siaaaa .
my beloved brother (: i love him like my boyfriend already.
the most pucking cibai nabey rollercoaster i ever ride.
stupid, damn scary siaaa the rollercoaster, nabey . HAHA
we wait for 1hr30mins for 56 seconds ride. HAHAHAHA
treasure hunt ride.
the dinosaur are real and alive btw. cute like me (:
i don't know what's my brother looking at .. LOL
we can't get a photo of them cause time up.
so i stand iin the middle i make sad face. when they come nearer towards me i was like 'can i take picture with you guys ?' HAHA
we thought of doing house of bunny pose ! haiya !
end the day with Victoria's Secret perfume that brother buy for me. muaaaah !