Thursday, November 4, 2010

wahhhhhh, all VANS shoes. i also want lah
play the laughter.
pause the memories.
stop the pain
rewind the happiness
alamaaaaak .. my soon to be boyfriend
you handsome. i nak cium you can .. wtf
nowadays, longboard is the THING
i like when they're cruising(:
haha .. so now i know that you want to be like me, is it?
no wonder you hate me so much >.<
okay, brother just reached Seremban. i'm a sad girlgirl.
my no.1 favourite shoes brand \m/
it's 11pm already. i'm suppose to call Hasif at 10.30pm. but wenk!
i know he is sleeping. don't want to disturb him la. let him rest.
see, i'm a good friend :D
i want to lick you, see weather you're sweet anot.
but my mission - is to lick you abs. haha -.-
eh handsome, don't smoke. bad for your health.
and don't you shhhhh me! (:
feeling want to go clubbing. but i rather go dandut. boleh gelek-gelek ngan mat indon.
haha, cb.
isn't it?
i went to the playground with my cat. it's been a long time since my cat breath fresh air. haha
OTP with bestie
i got new best friend at work.
her name is coco. she's from china. i don't know why i can get along with chinese girls so easily. meanwhile, malay girls say i'm arrogant. wtfcuk, -.-"
-  i'm just an average girl who still searching for her average joe.
-  with only one ex lover, he never fails to make me happy. but somehow, i was stupid to dump him. no point to regret, so yea.
-  family comes first, they brought me up well. then comes best friends, they colour my day with beautiful colours(:
-  red, vans, zac efron turns her on.
-  my ambition is to be an stewardess. travel around the world when i'm 20.
-  by then, i live happily ever after(:
used to have best friends who talked bad things behind my back.
if you call youself best friend, why don't you talk to me face-to-face instead of talking behind my back
ni lah melayu, susah nak carik kawan yang kekal _|_
once again, sape yang makan cili, dier yang terase pedas
dang! so hot lahhh loooooong hair. i want to cut FLAT-TOP already lah :O
URGH!  so hot
okay, i'm bored. so i take picture -.-
if i go for special occasion, it takes me 3-4hours to get ready. lol
who should i call to talk to? hmmm ..
that guy said to me .. 'see you in hell'
and i was like 'i think i'll be going heaven, so i won't meet you, kanina'
haha, he's a jerk, i mean it.
hello, my number is 9812****
call me k, i'm bored.
it's NOVEMBER. i want to go holiday laaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
but noone wants to go anywhere -.-"