Monday, November 15, 2010

walaowei. hair short still look sexy. i want to be emma watson also lah(:
Sister, emma watson, very preety. Lil' brother, alex watson, very handsome.
eeeee, i don't like her. snooki jersey shore.
eh eh, selena gomez. matair hasif. LOL
kat von d, can i meet you?
 i love your shows, i love your body, i love your tattoo design.
can you tattoo my body like yours! ^^ but haram, you know what is haram? hehe
ooooooooooooook, this is lawa like mampos.
if i buy this, i sit one corner macam nyonya kalah judi. confirm! :D
i type hasif. come out this face. HAHA! i cannot stop laughing.
on the phone with burah and darwin.
LOVE her top , LOVE her heels and LOVE the hair ^^
coooooool sia
kenape you pukul rihanna? kan da tak famous
this lady like got konek sia. LOL
you old but till handsome.
you sing so nice! ~.~
today outing:
  • went to FarEast to had lunch at Sakura, burah treat!
  • went to ION. to search for heels.
  • went to taka and bought accessories at Accessorize.
  • went to Wisma to look for more heels.
  • went to CWP to buy heels, go Watson to buy personal stuff.
  • went to Starbucks buy drink and start doing my project!
Guys at Starbuck are so nice to us. Hahaaa. We went there and cannot sign up the internet. Two guys who worked there help us. And one of the guy used to worked at my workplace at Coffee Bean. In the end, we make friends with them. Haha. Two thumbs up for the service!
gonna buy this shirt end of the month! so nice, wait for me fred perry ! ^^
i survey the shop. found a shirt damn nice.
should i buy new look heels? should i should i?
Darwin recommend me this brand / shop. Burah said its my type.
i went to topman and topshop just now.
Burah: i wonder how minah and mats afford it when 'we' cannot afford it?
Me: Ni confirm case save duit sui sui, datang topman / topshop boros sampai habis, then balik.
Darwin: Mane tau mats and minah beli kat low shops ke. yang step topshop / topman.
i see some people my age, wears Zara.
please, i think it's too young for us to wear this high end brand and tell people. you look so dumb, you know that.
I'm not talking about anyone okay, just strangers who i look.
when i saw guys wearing this type of shirt, i fall in love ^^ idk why.
i saw one group of minahs in the train just now. one of them wearing this type of shirt. and keep staring at us -.- mofo!please eh, pakai sopan-sopan, dosa tau kalau awak pakai macam gini. Tuhan tak suke, saya pon tak suke. memalukan masyarakat melayu lah awak ni.
homygosh! i saw the excat charms ~.~ so juicy! i wanna buy, but no money. no money , no talk.
i can't wait , i can't wait , i can't wait !
if i was the girl. i'm so happy to be there with two hot guys ^^
dear nicole richie, can i be like you?
short and preety. when you wear maxi / sundress , very the preety (: