Sunday, November 14, 2010

working was damnnnnnnnn tired. i need a good rest for my 2 days off. wait, i need to do project.
 well, i took all photos already and what i need now is POWERPOINT! -.-
remind me of azlan. HAHA
tomorow i thought of going hasif house to movie marathon. buuuuuuut, burah going out. and also, hasif didn't call me to confirm if can or not. so i don't know what's my plan for tomorow.
holy titifcuking! can i hug him. pleaseeeeeeeeee ..
now, i'm so bored. can i have a lover? so i can talk to him till morning? LOL, mepek sah aku.
Beauty is not from the OUTSIDE but on the INSIDE.
do i still have feeling towards one ?
i miss having a boyfriend. takpe, jodoh akan datang(:
Natural Beauty girls are freaking hot . i'm not lesbian, it's juat what i think of them.
during primary school, i have 2 best friend. one of my friend always say that she want to kill herself. our conversation ..

1 : 'kite stress. nak bunuh diri kite uh'
2: 'awak ni ehk, tak habis-habis nak bunuh diri. tapi awak tak berani kan?!'

Azlan know who. hehe
 can't wait to take car license. LOL
who sponsor?! first brother ! :D
saya suke 10 orang tapi cinta hanya 1
Lokman : 'Girl, why Sam call you his diamond?'
Kak Ana: 'Aha.'
Me 'Oh well! *whip my hair*'

everybody laughs.
kimice! kurus per. ni peluk rase papan sah -.-
'' Lubang Hidung Mu Tetap Jadi Pujaan Hatiku "
i need more accessories! pay-day come faster liao
today one kid gave lokman white rose. homygosh! titifcuking cute siaaaaaaa
he old get flower, i young never get flower ): hehe
tomorow i'm a loner. no friend, no plan, no work -.-"
i don't know why, but i realised my picture most black&white.
how colorless and boring my life is.
still remember at the starting of the year at ite. i and my friend saw this guy who is 'soft'. he and his leopard print design never ending. on june, i went holiday with my brother and his friends. a small world, my brother friend. that's her lil' brother -.- fauzi. he is a 'soft' guy with a good look. heh, suke suke ^^
 love blondes. but not the stupid ones(:
aiyo, tomorow no plan. boring boooooooo. a life of loner ):
i miss qima. ok, stop it farah. friends come and go.
someone call me. i'm bored. i'm up till 4am. hehe. muke tebal sah -.-
spiderwomen. ape motive sia pakai gini?
hello? ade orang tak kat sane, boleh layan saya? telefon saya. saya tk ada kerja. tidak boleh tido, call saya ya. bye. padahal, giving hasif hint to call me. HEHE!~ he must be working. sorry, tadi pagi kau call tak angkat. biase lah orang bekerja keras nak dapat duit. HAHA! okay, stop it. xoxo