Sunday, November 7, 2010

you nak mati, you isap macam gini.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..
alalalalalala .. cat is the cutest thing (:
i need to replaced my g-shock watch with a new one.
mine currently, dirty and go alot of scratches.
want to get a new one, black colour(:
you so beautiful, can i have your top?
yah, see?
HAHAHAHAHAHA! cibai sia the girl:D
i love her fashion style!
i would MARRY you, if  had the chance. hehe. bawah da gatal:P
ok, kite buat gini lepas kite kawin k.
i just came back from wedding. eee, i don't like my uncle's wife. i look down on her. nabey.
aku nak salam kau, kau buat muke. da baik aku nak salam dari ludah kau kan? -.-
da lah badan penuh ngan batik. eee, abeh datang pakai singlet ngah short pants, bodoh.
da kawin pun perangai cibai.
homygosh! i saw bump into Z again -.-"
but i like. at least he smiled at me though. and his brother trying to tackle burah. haha.
ok lah, best. adik beradik date best friend. haha
i make my final decision. i want to grow my hair till it touches my ass.
i don't care if it's hot. just tahan loooooh
i want to bump into Z again! too bad dier da ade matair. haha
takpe, belum kawin peer
they make a good couple
i love you too three and four
i never wash my hair for so long. eeee, so oily. disgusting.
anw, brother gonna come back tomorow. i can't wait! yay yay, got present. i wonder what he buy for me ^^
da lame orang tak angkat i. cume my brother je -.-
i always face this. ergh!
and when i feel this why. i will say , 'farah, kau perasan sah. stop it eh'
hehe. very the mentel when i whisper with someone. later that
 someone say 'kau bobal jangan mentel boleh tak? gatal sah telingah aku'
and i give him -.- face.
tetek macam terong tengah gantung.
when i like somone, i feel this way.
my mind not in peace
i pun nak ketawe dengan matair i macam gini. loving-loving.
if i like someone, i stay away from him.
i got dragonfly in my stomach. haha. burah knows how i will react. funny
i lost 50bucks inside my account. someone take my money.
Nabey lah kau.
i boleh kene serangan jantung kalau i ade kat situ
i just drink vodka. i want to sleep already.   ceh, no lah ^^
heaven O.O
i just realised that my neighbour, the uncle have twins. HAHA cool
when he sing a song from sezeiri-broken  , i went 'oooh my godness, he sound so pure'
he msg me, 'dear girl, i can't give you money, i can't buy you gifts, i can't afford a car but i can give you happiness caue it's priceless'
and my thought said 'he's the one' 
i can't wait to go to the Singapore Flyer with family, not including second brother.
i don't like two face girl. they're just ....................... BAD!
love her eyelash! i'm still learning how to wear. haha.
sweet nyer macam gula melaka(:
love the heels and sundress
handsome nyer. boleh jadikan menantu ni! ade chance! HAHA