Wednesday, November 10, 2010

your head -.-
no education = no money
no money = no party
no party, wa mati!
aaaaaaahhh , my mummy and daddy (:
girl smoking with healthy breast.
but not healty lungs haha
my legs got blister after wearing heels to town yesterday.
i'm not gonna wear heels eventhough someone said i look like a lady. yey!
but that's gonna be my last time
aku cinta kamu bodoh.
my new word 'titifcuking' HAHA
if happen to be me, i go back ask refund.
ooooh logan, long time no see you. mane you menghilang?
love her show ^^
cute and tak pekak
yeah, but the rubbish part is the part where i enjoy and remembered the most!
so rubbish, no link -______________________-

hmmmmmmm, what should i colour my nails today? o.O

i went to my kitchen to find my favourite chips, Lays. and find out, my brother eat it -.-
so i planned to go vista and buy more. ended up, buying 2 milk, 2 bread and i of my chips.
mummy asked me to buy. walaowei, thought of buying 2 of my chips.
miss but havent met. then who you miss? 
EHK, my girlfriend and my face again. HAHA -_____-


muhahahahaha!  okay, not the picture funny, just someone text me something.
okay, no link
guys, now you know what we're talking? so understand.
i want to chat with one just now, buuuuuuuuuuuut just forget it.

tomorow working night. damn! cannot accompany Lan to town. semalam tak nak, kan da tkleh jumpe. lol. uhm, i had fun for my 4days off. and tomorrow working): damn. i lazy already. i need a loooooooooooong holiday. anyone? )':

ps: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, wait for me darling. imma visit you soon. really soon ^^