Thursday, December 9, 2010

 dear bf, i'm sorry a thousand time for not picking up your calls yesterday. i got a bad cold last night so i slept early. can you call me? i got fcuking worried and wonder why you call. urgent is it? call me, xoxo
tomorrow i'll be working afternoon alone, BORING ~
i was boarding the mrt just now. and a group of bangla drunk. eeee, smelly.
first glance, i thought it was Jonas Brother
Guys don't say EX, they say NEXT!
today main jeling - jeling ngan Simon. Man, he's fcuking cute. damn
makin lame tengok turtle, makin  _____________________ haha
btw, i just know that he's 23 or older o.O

burah, when's the next gig ? :P
 this is tooooo adorable ^^
biler nak jumpe kau ni one ? cb.
recently at my workplace, there's alot of white guy wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
their tattoos kills me
“When a guy cheats on you once, he will do it again. 
If he gives you butterflies, remember that when he was 
your boyfriend, he was kissing somebody else. The 
sooner you set the bar for what is acceptable, the better 
off you’ll be. We’ve all fallen for someone who’s not great 
for us, but when the alarm bell starts ringing, you 
have to listen.”
macam admiralty primary nyer uniform LOL
eh, she's wearing my shoe kepo eh:D

Simon asked me to accompany him go smoke break. damn, i was busy that time ):
her chest tattoo, i like <33
wednesday brother asked me weather i want black or silver. and he didn't tell me anything and just asked me to pick. then i picked black. and just now brother asked me again 'okay last call, black or silver?' then i replied 'uhm, black is too common already, so silver.' i don't have a clue what he's gonna buy for me ^^
dear bf, sampai sekarang you never call me ):
free flow this saturday. dear gg, don''t stress up. let's get loose (:
yesterday outing, i very selekeh. lol.
love you babe. xoxo(: may you and Z get to know soon muah!