Saturday, December 4, 2010

Girl I really wanna work this out, cause I'm tired of fightin'
but in reality, i need money and job -.-
this is shooo sexy ; hot girls with tattoos
i'hv been posting weird pictured lately -.^
ME: ok meet you later. pape kiss me through the phone.
HIM: jangan buih

at last sape buih sape joi -.-
i missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss gf):
I said I really wanna work this out, damn girl I'm tryin'   - ice box , omarion
me(: HEHE
hollykitty, so cute
today i'm sucha loner, forever one. after work, went straight home. bodoh nyer orang sume tak free(: so i went out alone. ok i know, wtf liddat. i went to marsiling to buy my pants, sandal and blah blah blah .. go shopping alone hehe but still fun while shopping hear my rock song = shiok  -.-"  after that second brother called and asked me to meet him and myeera at macD civic. then have dinner together. sekali abang macD takde gigi lah HAHA my bro kutok - kutok him cause he was lookin at me. kutok takde gigi HAHAHAHAHAAHA !
If you ever wanna work it out then stop denyin
Quit living in the past, it's time you faced the truth
If it's ever gonna work you gotta stop lyin'
Stop blamin' her when it's you
i saw few guys cut like this when i went marsiling just now. shooo handsome, but some shooooo ugly HAHA
i'm scared of turtle HAHAHAHAHAHA k wtf
kenape lu handsome ?
nabuih, i never let go okay. she's the one who let go of our friendship. cibai kebabai, then eveyone was like ..

THEM: mane ____ , fara ?
ME: mane aku tau*pissed off face* dier yang hilang diri
THEM: ouh. abeh kau tak try contact dier balik ah?
ME: *lazy to answer face*

like come on lah people. why should i make any effort when she doesn't siaa? wtf, she happy - happy what for i go disturb her. no her, no mati  (:
“And here it goes. I know you’ve moved on, moved on for good, but there are things you don’t know, things that I don’t show; things that I hide inside. I know to you it seems like I didn’t care, seems like I was never there, but there was never once a day that you didn’t cross my mind a million times. And believe me, if I could go back, I would, but things are different now. Time caught up with us & broke us apart, because now you found someone else. But that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is that you left me & that I left you, with words unspoken & a story unread. Words that are still trying to escape my heart & reach out to you, words that don’t notice that time has past; words that still have meaning. What bothers me is that you didn’t see the tears I cried & you didn’t know that I lied when I told you I was happy. What bothers me is that you still cross my mind a million times a day & even when I’m sleeping, I can still hear your voice telling me how much you love me or how much you miss me & that’s the only time I’m ever happy. It’s when I’m reminiscing about you & dreaming about us. But when reality hits me, it just kills me. But the thing that bothers me the most is that all of this could have been prevented if I had just said something or done something, & the only thing that doesn’t bother me is that I’ve learned a valuable lesson; you don’t really know what you got until it’s gone.”
ok this picture remind me of one. he pose exactly like this. the hand, the un-button shirt, the ciggy, the haed position EVERYTHING ! omg fara stop talking about him please k bye