Sunday, December 19, 2010

he never work again -.- ok nevermind wait for tomorrow LOL
i don't know what's with me today at work. i never talk to Lokman the whole day. giler sia aku o.O
let's just drop the topic, settle down, forget everything and move on with your life. i don't want to kecoh - kecoh (:
ehk turtle, bila lu mau keja siaaaaa .. asyik balik ngan kawan lu jeeee
this year countdown ? at marina floating platform. saaaaaaaaaaaaap, with GG and the boys \m/
my two favourite singer <333
ni pose macam sam ehk ?
dear gf, i'm so happy for you, really. you acheived your goal, yey. ok lame sia aku. at least kau da kenal - kenal dier before 2011. tu yang kau nak kan? LOL :D
i've yet to do 1 haha, i good girl go home before 1 in the morning ((;
gf, our next date wednesday. bring Z k i bring one HAHAHAHAHA