Thursday, December 23, 2010

i can't wait for my hair to grow till my waist. argh, few more inch and i'm done. ok the security guards at my workplace call me pontianak. wtfarah man ?
hahahaha kanina
i like to see when guys usually put down their hair. and now, they try to put up their hair. confirm maut macam fadhil \m/
CNY gonna have BBQ pit with my workplace gang. sume chicks baik (Y)
(Y) fuiiii
if i can make a tattoo, i'll do barcode with my birthday date under it at wrist and a fred perry logo at the back of my neck niceeee
HAHAHA, i cannot stop laughing seeing the picture of her father sucking her nipple HAHAHAHA
i miss on the phone with fisah :[
one day. i wanna take photo like this with my future boyfriend <3
okok i need to say it i need to say it!!! this two guy is so fcuking damn cute ~.~
bapak angkat
see something? he got dimple laah. alalalala, cute nyer lelaki ade dimple ;]
i saw this comment that Danish gave to Farna.

" Eh ! You from Cathay Cineleisure kan? Remember me or not that time i datang ngan kawan2 i order 2 crispy chicken and 1 large combo. =P You cute lah ! Lawarr pon ader.... I Think i terjatuh bender ahs dkat dpan counter situ.... I Terjatuh cinta samamu..... Number boleh? =P

Okay it's freeeeeeaking cute. haha ;D so lucky of her
my favourite guy Ashley Stymest
rambut you maut. sexy habis
muke handsome gini. badan maut. rambot blonde. confirm playboy hahaha