Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i had fun today. i spent my morning, afternoon, evening and night with gf <3
nie untuk burahasifairuz LOL style kape ..
ibu and first brother went to the salon yesterday. the hairdresser told my brother 'ask your sister to rebond her hair lah then i cut short confirm nice give you good price' nightmare, i want to keep my hair long you suka - suka cut my hair short. aiseybedah -.-"
note to self: if you hate me, hate me. but don't make others hate me too. xoxo
do i, one? lol perasan
me , burah , haz
someone scared me yesterday. the whole morning. he knows those who i know, get it? you memang banyak punya stalker :P  it's timw for me to stalk you dude.
'someone going to ruin you life dear farah' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
ok semalam bobal ngan orang tu, dah google pasal kereta terus senyap dang! LOL
we were chilling at civic. then saw wan whose going for smoke break. then he joined us. just finish work.
BURAH: sekarang mane - mane kene pakai duit.
WAN: ah tuh ah. nak gi toilet pon kene pakai duit tau.

saw one dude at titanic just now. hot and handsome, sekali butch lah bedeh. aiseyman.
second brother: transfer $50 to my account now
me: for what?
second brother: later i book out no money go home lah
me: $20
second brother: okay
me: pay me
second brother: no money
me: pay lah tell ibu
second brother: lu boleh buat apa?

HAHA, his favourite word

janggut kene transfer to ang mo kio borinnnnnnnng
someone kissing beside us at titanic. we turn sekali lesbian -.-"
wish only
we were at tampines just now. at mac cafe and i bought ice mocha.
me: eeeee, tak sedap seh eeeee
burah: kau tak goncang macam mane tak sedap. kau kene goncang dulu before minum per. all coffee is like that.
me: hahahahaha
burah: why do you i use 'goncang' rather than 'kacau' HAHAHA
me: i know!
we both laughing cannot stop. dirty minded~
fish eye + hot guys ~.~

ok this is cute
i like guys with messy hair, so sexy (:
tomorow last minute i need to go work. baik ah -_____-
kak ana: girl tomorow you can work tak? afternoon
me: i havent was my uniform sia.
kak ana: nevermind. go wear home clothes, kau nak terlanjang pon boleh haha
me: okay, later i bogel tunjuk turtle k?
kak ana: shhhh, i ngah bobal ngan dier lah
me: wth?

anyone free tmr? go eat dinner with me. lol.
i miss someone name one haha
me: longboard sekarang da macam boring. mane - mane ade jeee
burah: aah tu ah
me: kite pakai trolley pasar skate pulak ah, amacam?
burah: hahahahaha
i don't want another pretty face, i don't want just anyone to hold, i don't want my love to go away, i want you and your beautiful soul .... i can't stop singing this song to burah. ok wait, not lesbian but idky
waaaah *jaw open*
i think i'm starting to like guys with nice tattoos:/
aiseybedah, tak dapat matair gambar pun cukup lah :D

i went to newlook<3 then saw the baseball jacket i'm aiming at. $40, cheap. but i saw 3 people wear it at tamp just now hahaha so forget it instead i buy the baseball shirts love it
no reason for putting this i just upload haha
ok mccoy, ilyt
open drawer ibu say 'nie sape nyer rokok ni 3 kotak?!' i will say 'sape lagi yang isap rokok tu' idky brother buy many
dier lagi hehe <3
i will buy a diamond ring for you, imma sing for you, i do anything for you to see you smile ...
people who just finish smoking, board the bus, sit under aircon stink. not to be rude though.
5mins more to 1 in the morning. i'm going to make cookies with gf tomorow before going to work. i love her and him; one. lol, xoxo