Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i just finish talking to him otp. ok, kau bastard pegi letak phone.  haha.
i learned a gooood lesson from both of my brother. i love them <33
mum was talking to me about second brother. okay, somehow second brother got stress of ______.
i'm gonna miss gf when she go holiday): imma sad sad person.
i was down just now. but as soon as i reached work, saw zuzu, lokman and kak ana. they just make my day worth while. i can't explain in details. even when i go buy my drink, saw simon and i was like 'okay, enough don't sad sad. you're not 6years-old anymore you fucking 17 going 18. you need to be strong, girl' with his new hair cut. haha. with the letter D and S at the side of the head. i was like 'asal bukan F and S hahahaha'.
i got two days off. tomorow out with burah and MAYBE meeting dear hasif. idk. thursday, i don't know what's my plan. and yey on the 15 go hiking with zuzu, GG and dini.
ibu always remind us 'kalau ade masalah bilang ibu. jangan pedam dalam hati lagi buruk. ibu yang bawak korang dalam dunia nie, ibu rasa ape yang anak - anak ibu rase.' and i will cry like baby if ibu say like that.
from now on, i'm gonna spend time with ibu. i'm gonna tell her more of my stories. i can't hide it anymore.
i love both of my brothers and i'll never stop loving them. second brother just broke up with his gf. and i hate to hear him crying. he's in camp now and i can't see him until friday? yeah, brother text ibu 'ibu masih sayang adik tak?' ibu get so worried. ibu asked him to pray and just pray cause that's all he can do to make him strong. don't worry too much k brother, once you're out i gonna belanja you go eat eat. cause you're thin already. how dare they torture my brother inside camp hehehehehe
eh, mccoy seh ~.~
someone said 'be careful my dear farah, someone gonna ruin you life'  nevermind k, got police heh btw, you scared the hell out of shit of me when you wrote that k no kidding
urgh ~.~
GAH!~ damn cute
this type of guys caught my eye idk why
if only one  read my blog. ok no, later he know i like him. no no no
if i can fly right now, i fly to his house.
me and one, not gonna happend NO )':
if i could write you a song, and make you fall in love ...
i don't know why. but i flashback, how i, burah and hasif used to be not close. haha
burahasifarah , get me? HAHA
omgawd. i and him got something in common. we both like to shop at newlook. ok, random. i know, but i just get excited to know about it. HEHE
dear one, i would like to see you longboard again and bump into you inside train. LOL -.-"
i still remember how hate burah is when looking at one for the time. she said 'macam mat-rep .. then .. selekeh ..' haha
tomorow i need to get up early in the morning to .........
i like guys who rock my world. ok it's in the morning and i'm talking rubbish

my dream is to be with .................................. one okay farah DREAM ON !
cause he's sick and that sucks.
i hope you die in fire one day  xoxo