Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i like guys with messy hair, soooooo cute and handsome ..
lagi - lagi macam _____ hehe
ingat kan dier tak nak bobal ngn kite lagi, tk nak call lagi. nak hilangkan diri. skali dier call kite. so happy, haha hasif at last you call me \m/ masak tak masak orang kat sini ah :D
handsome nyer *jaw opening*
now zaman gadis melayu pakai coli dengan lace top. ok nie case melayu tak maju. haha!
wednesday and friday my off day. yey! tomorrow plan, going out with MIRA *stab myself* and friday ....
lan : friday nak ikot aku,rifdi,fairuz and tasha gi swimming?
me: no

Friday MAYBE going out with don't know who hahahaha
me: im heartbroken with a guy but i don't wanna talk bout it
burah: the more you keep it, the more you're sad
afiq, you irritating like hell but still gerek ^^ meet soon
i want this bag for next year. dear vinyl dakota, i want to buy you but later i buy you, my pocket lobang how ? hahahahaa, ok gonna get this bag with afiq? maybe.
on the phone with burah and mira. awwww, da lame tak berbual. anw, tomorrow going town with mira then meet burah during her break. then jalan - jalan till burah finish work. yey, can't wait to catch things up with them.
when we start conference just now, i feel like crying haha
the two girls who you don't like is currently your good friend and the girl who used to be your good friend are your worst *insertwordhere* haahahaha
i like guys who's photogenic.
guys who do the same thing as me, guy who does not have to be handsome, guys who have the brain, guys who is bubbly and crack lots and lots of jokes with me is the guy i'm gonna in love with. haha, k stop it with the love
the guy in white shirt. *stab myself* hot like toot

my sony nex-3 never use already. haha, letak tepi collect abok hahahahaha now ibu nagging cause waste money buy but never use  mummy how to bring out, so big and bulky sapa mau bawak -.-'

don't say 'i will never forget you' to me. kau semangat 5minit je sia