Monday, December 6, 2010

i will pull the trigger if he's unfaithful to me in future :D
a white man came in at my workplace. his height was like 190 or more than that. so tall that i need to look up to look at him. omgawd, tall guys turn me on HAHA
i don't like girls who step faham playing skateboard. just irritating on how stupid they look when they're skate. and when they skate, they fall down, paisey then laugh -.-"
i want to go skate-park with zizi and burah again.  HEHE
my bf, hasif, got fever HAHA padan muke kau. ok ok, get well soon dude then you can join me and burah go shopping on wednesday. LOL, don't tell me 'jauh sangat uh, malas' or 'sorry, you girls go ahead' HAHA(:  kk, go eat your obat and sleep tata

eeeee if i'm a guy, i don't turn on siaa this picture make me hate spaghetti more eeee
my big brother know how to do this. so cool shit, he teach me but my saliva come out LOL
from primary 3 to primary 6 i do specs for 4 times and 4 times i lost
i tried straightening my hair then put hairband = face like cibai lol
rumors o.o ok byebye