Sunday, December 26, 2010

I've been busy with .... my girls ? i guess so :/
To whom it concern:

I will catch a GRENADE for ya,
Then i put indise your butt,
Let it blow like a FIREWORKS,\
And let you be THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVE (:

i don't know why, but i keep using the word 'baik' or 'maut' hmm
i'm craving for Botak Jones ; Cajun Chicken with Cheese fries fuuuuuuuuuh nebermind, pay day pay day :D
“A best friend is better than any boyfriend. A best friend may not kiss you or hold you through the night, but they will hold your hand through tough times. They cause tears only through giggles, and they will never judge you on how you look with your makeup off. They may not give you flowers on Valentine’s Day but they will give you chocolate once a month. And the best thing about them is that no matter how many times you fight and no matter how loud you may yell, you always know in the end they’re still going to love you, and that nothing you could ever say, or scream, could change that.”
me: i think i'm going to rebond my hair ........ ok wait, i'm scared
lokman: rebond lah, mane tau turtle get attracted to you more ke ..
GG: sekali dengan penyupenyu skali eh HAHAHA
dek ni muke macam lelaki tapi tengok bawah sikit macam ade tetek
handshummmmm nye
i went to Sufi to sheesha. and they played heartbreaker song. and i'm sooooooooo addicted to that song \m/
saya mencari cinta. at last saya heartbroken lagi and lagi and lagi KANASIA ! :|
damn girl ! burah working on New Year Eve. fcuk. and marina floating platform cancle. cause its from 6to6. mampos aku nak keje. countdown ? plan plan plan ? GG, confirm per siloso beach party? booohoo ..

thank you burah for warning him. i guess kalau kau ngan dier tak gaduh aku tak tau sia dier camne kanasai
painting my nail + hearing ; drake, find your love = \m/

ok byebye xoxo