Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my bubble and buttercup make my day worthwhile :D
i know penyu and turtle real name. haha, imma champion !
it's 2 in the morning. and i can't sleep ):
there's this cute guy at titanic just now. when he walked passed us, he turned and said 'hye', and i replied 'hello'. then he walked towards the escalator but turned back and waved goodbye and i waved back to him. he went forward and turned back and give me a goodbye kiss. haha. i make action like i'm catching the kiss, lol. then he went forward and turned back asking for my number. i said 'no' and his friends and him went 'alaaaaar' haha -.-"
burah and mira: go ahead ah ngan dier ..
ok i'm stress HAHA
dear to whom it concern:
“I know that you didn’t mean it and I know that you think saying sorry will make it better, but that’s not how the world works. It’s an imperfect world and feelings just don’t go away that fast. So either you never really loved me or you’re just hiding it because you’re scared. Well let me tell you, hiding something will get you nowhere and lying sure as hell won’t make you happy so go ahead and leave me but in the end you will see your mistake and come back. But you know what? I won’t be here.”
Is this for real ? can anyone tell me.

still remember, after sch. me and gang 11 go student hub to play left4dead right after school. lol, ended up shouting and screaming when monster come out when first time playing the game. haha, kecoh kecoh. amy even download the game at home haha, exam period still play. ok i miss gang 11. when take result siaaa ? -.-
her hair colour. *stab myself* i'm so vain about my hair. i go crazy about my hair. but i still don't know to rebond or perm my hair.

me: should i perm or rebond my hair uh ?
brother: rebond
me: why ?
brother: cause your face look suck when you perm
me: -.- ok thanks