Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Okay, Hi Farah's Daily readers ♥

C I N T A ' B A B Y P U T E R I Y S W E E T S ;
A M I R A ♥

currently, I'm chatting with Farah and ♥ A'an. I'm doing nothing much and I'm getting bored conferencing with Farah and Burah cause Burah talking about relationship. We had fun talking on the phone. 

Okay, It's been a few years, i last met up with Farah and i'm really happy that we're close once again. She's the fucking best. Of all the rest of the classmates, I trusted her alone and I never regret having a friend like her. 

I seriously can't wait for tomorrow. She'll be meeting me tomorrow after work. We'll be heading to Causeway point for our dinner. I'm happy. We shall get closer babe :]
I also can't wait for COUNTDOWN, hehe *
This year, I've plan up with Farah that we'll be countdown together * Smile wide wide + Overjoy *.

Hoping our friendship last long aites. 
You're my best girlfriends I ever had ♥
Takecare sweets. 
Stay pretty aites babe ? :D

I shall log out now :)
Lotsa love ; ♥ Cinta'BabyPuteriySweets; Amira