Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"there's two types of guy. the ones that hold your hand and the ones that fuck you" - samantha jones
what december? so fast ?
okay, i can't lie to myself. i still like him. damn
manje - manje so rindu
eeee sapa sia ni mat rep LOL LOL
model nak jual kereta sapa sapa interested HAHA model macam pengantin baru sey
someone at work asked me out to lunch teros perut i kecut HAHAHA
i was packing stuff at work. when a guy from gain city approach me.
HIM: girl, sini
ME: tak nak
HIM: sini lah kejab
ME: tak nak

he walk towards me

HIM: orang kat bawah yang katewe tu nak ajak pegi makan lunch same - same can?
ME: *look below and saw turtle laughing* no, sorry busy. *walk away*
HIM: *look below* joi, dier busy ah

it was funny but cute HAHA i don't know why
kaki mintak kene pinjam
hasif, friday pegi sheesha ngan aku pah?
seriously, if i can do tattoos i do this nice nyeeee
ME: katy perry macam aku siaa
HASIF: *make irritating sound*
i like when guys there stared at me for awhile i say 'WHAT?' and they give me a smile shooo cute.
lelaki angkat i macam gini backbone terok patah HAHAHAHA
"you make me wanna say oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my god " - OMG usher
4years and it goes down the drain )':
to think back, i wasted 4years of my life just to wait for a guy who i like to realise, in the end HABOK !
hasif, kau tengok muke dier betul - betul kan macam muke aku LOL BUTE EHK KAU HAHAHA
i was buying my drink before going to work. when Simon do my drink while staring at me. and i say 'what?' he shaked his head and smile. nasib baik you da kawin, kalau tak i mintak number you. and he bring his son come to my workplace buy his son shoes. shooooo cute lah!
kalau ni hasif, dier da nangis HAHA
i don't need handsome guy, cute also can. wait, got different anot?
i don't like people reply me with K -.- lagi baik tak payah reply joi
in the end *look below*
guess, i still like him? god, how long does it take for him to realise how long i'hv been waiting for him? gawd )": i don't know why i'm so emotional suddenly.
aku pon nak ade matair, ingat kau sorang per ? okay, i'm so emotional. stop it please.
“When someone you love abandons you, it doesn’t hurt just because they’ve changed, or lied, or went back on their promises, but because you know what they really are and what a beautiful person they can be. And when they take that away from you and won’t let you see that beautiful person again, well nothing hurts more than having someone just decide to take your entire world away without consulting you first.”

man, i hate crush. when you have crush on someone, you want more. i hate when it happends to me. Nabuih.
right with maake-up left withhout
i like her eyebrows siaa. anw, today both bestie are down annnnnd i'm bored.
if this thing is not a sin, i take all this looooong ago no kidding
 i nak peluk orang
saaaaaaaaaaaaaaap, sappa sah ni chick mintak kene mintak number siaaaa HAHA