Thursday, December 2, 2010

time now is 12.00pm. i wake up and stared at the ceiling whats my plan for today is. so i text some lovely people. i need to go town, yes town! so few people also going town. baik tak ajak
Myeera- going town, pub, karaoke and sheesha
Hinz- sheesha with rifdi
Wiwin- sheesha, town and pub meeting meera
Haz- freeeeeeee (:
Hasif- out with the boys(idk who LOL)

remember this b*tch. get this inside your head.
and there goes my second thought of him CIBAI
you know how strong you are in my mind eventhough i tried to get rid of you for the last 4years ?
i have only one ex and it last for 2years, i tried to love him more. but the more and more i tired, the more i'm cheating his feeling. so i tried
i don't mind if he sing out of tune and make the day rain heavily HAHA
her hair shoo niceeee

my boyfriend talking HEHE
motherkitty true ): 

okok. last picture for now. uhm, i miss girlfriend already shoo sad. she coming back on monday. okay, she's gone for only 4days not 4years or i'll be dead loner here. HAHA. okok, bye lovelies(: