Friday, December 10, 2010

today i'm going to post about my long lost girlfriend, Nur Iqrima Binte Rosle (:
remember how irritating we were in the classroom, we will laugh out load. some get irritated, then we keep quite but few minutes later, we continued ..
then you overnight my house, with kak ifa. then we teach you played tai-ti. we played Pakistan, then we laugh non-stop then you accidentally pee on the floor LOL :D
when we used to be close, okay i miss my secondary mates already
when solihin need to go back so early last time. haha, then we followed rifdi to go Peni to buy his pants. then chill at esplanade. look how kental are we, haha
haha, haiyo muke satu - satu nie dulu zaman kasut jazz HAHA
i texted you 'babe, i miss you' but kau tak reply
adam khoo programme.
class photo. i miss every single one <33333
if i'm not wrong, he sing fall for you by secondhand serenade. if i'm not wrong ah.
his thumb fractured, i guess. lol. on top of that, i and keem draw 'ALONA KEEM FRANK' on that thing his wearing. with love red colour and outline with black. ok, i remember.
<33 the precious ones
ok, lets stop. lets change the topic. lets think positive. think about now. later at 5 in the morning, ibu, ayah and big brother plus me are going to JB. then in the afternoon going to work. zmog. takpe, ade turtle and gg da cukup HAHA
niarie main jeling - jeling ngan Simon. ok, for godness sake he's ___________ haha
i served an Italy man. damn, he's v friendly. what a handsome looking man(:
his tattoo so colourful, so lively and so cheerful like that.
ME: name kau sexy sia
RT: name je pe sia?
ME: orang dier pon ah
RT: ish taklah, kalau i sexy, i da jadi pornstar pon haha
i bought rings, bangas and nail polish. dark plue and dark red, i don't know why there's so many red polish for my nail polish collection dark red, maroon, light red, old red, retro red -.-"
“Don’t love cause you pity. Don’t love cause you wanna be loved. Love, cause your heart loves.”

— Dhanti Praspani
can i have your number LOL
today i can't stop yawning at work cause i work alone and nothing to do. turtle never go smokebreak, only Simon. boringgggggggggggggggggg

but only you and your family.
i want to grow my hair longer. hair, why you so slow grow ?
dulu lain sekarang lain. lol, buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. okok, word baru aku
ME: kau dok one corner sudah
RT: you dudok one corner makan jagung pon baik
HAHAHAHA! i cannot stop laughing when he said that ..
 syafiq longboard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omgawd, i'm so bad :/

i cried
“You’ve always loved her, And now I can see, that the one in your heart, was never me. All of those times, You held me close, it was her that you needed & loved the most. It’s hard for me, To swallow my pride, knowing that my love, was the love you denied. When I see you with her, I force a grin, but really my heart is breaking within. My love for you is stronger than ever, But I know in my heart, we’ll never be together. So I’m letting you go now, with tears in my eyes, I’m telling you my last & final goodbye.”
GG, i'm asking you to do your hair like this laaah. not like yours now. aiseybedah !
VS model
i need to buy denim short pleaseeee
the girl beside him look like my senior ; ruzanna , right ? o.O
and he's adorable too much
really ? if i dream of turtle O.O
i like to see couples who do gestures like this. macam cute kalau orang buat nie kat aku, aku cair
love what she did to her hair <33 okay, it's 2:30am excatly now. i need to stop blogging and i need to straighten my hair or tmr. what a day. xoxo