Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tomorrow i'm working   kanasai
psssst, lawa tak kasut? hah. maybe gonna get another this month ^^
i d k y  but i don't like to talk to people about my love life it makes me wanna go zzzz
and when they tell me their love story, they'll know that i get bored lol

Thursday will be his P.O.P yeeeeeey!  can cuci mate (Y)
meet my bestfriend who never stop talking nonsense :DD
yey , my mum alter my cargo pants already ^^
i miss my walking radio. she's the one who can't stop laughing when i make jokes <33
indeed, i miss my whole secondary school mates. can we have a meet up? short meet up pon jadi siaaa :[
my blossom and buttercup. and i'm bubble, alah biase, cute always >.<
countdown. mira, on pa? (Y)
badan you maut. lol, i remember rifdi wrote 'bocet aku boleh tahan sexy' HAHA ^^
eminem, you rock my world
Don’t ever text me,
If you’re always going to text me “I’m bored.”
If you’re not going to put any effort into the conversation.
If you’re going to text me with one word.
If you’re going to take forever to reply.
If you only text me if you need something.
FWDS & Chain Messages.

puckyou mayne

i love my fossil watch that my first brother gave me. okay, i wanna action abit:D
Alright, till here. i wanna straighten my hair for tomorow tatatititutu bye ^______^