Monday, December 27, 2010

when the guy you like, stared at you from one corner and wait for you to turn and look at him then he smile. it's not cute, it's scary. so turtle, you freak me out :DD
mira: wednesday jumpe kau , two days after that pon aku jumpe kau. yey !
me: huh? sejak bile aku cakap aku jumpe kau the next two days ?
mira: the next two days kan countdown deng!
me: ouh eh? cepat peeee

today is the last day of monday for 2010. how sad i am? what a beautiful year i had -.-"
lokman: girl, turtle ngah tengok kau.
me: i know. shut up.
lokman: HAHA
dear burah, i had to say this ..... i love you. hahahaa !
it's two in the morning. i'm bored.
baik kape colour rambut
a customer wanna pick a fight with me at my workplace. dier tak tawu ke aku gangster? LOL
here's what happed.

Zuzu scanned her card. and cannot go through the machine. so the points cannot be redeem. then Zuzu called me for help. i was serving a customer. so i rushed to the counter. tried to scanned the card while Zuzu entertained my customer. it was rejected. the customer said 'so how am i going to redeem my points?' i replied 'your card cannot go throught our machine. sorry.' she replied 'then what for i come here buy stuff but cannot redeem points?' i replied 'you want me to scanned again?' this time i bring up the machine and showed her. she thought i was being sacarstic. she said 'then?' i replied 'you wait here for awhile'. i called Zuzu to handle back while i'm serving another customer. she told Zuzu 'what's your friend name?' Zuzu replied with lazy tone 'Fara'. she scanned again. the customer asked the same question. this time Zuzu replied 'Fara. spelling F.A.R.A'. the card cannot redeem points, so the customer took her card back and walked off while staring at me. and i looked and her back with a smile. lol, tak goyang ah eh. nabuih.

ok i need a goooooooood rest. i've work for 10hours today. homygawd!
never mind 2 off days \m/