Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When you're cry because of heartbroken, when you angry feeling like killing that person, when you upset cause people around you are hypocrite the best thing; i assure you, the best thing to do is talking to your mom. no matter if she nag at you while advising, it's the best advise you'll ever get.

ibu: sayang, orang nak cakap ape cakap lah. kite perempuan mesti jage maruah. kalau tak suke, diam je dan lupekan je. yang alah tau, alah tak buat dosa. dorang tak suke alah takpe, but alah jangan jadi hypocrite macam dorang. ibu besar kan anak - anak ibu supaye jadi anak yang baik kan ? memang kite tak boleh tutp mulut dorang. nak cili pun tak boleh. but you got ibu, ayah, along, angah and burah right? kawan keje sume. dorang sume can support you k. da jangan marah - marah dengan bende yang tak berfaedah.

by her words, that anger still have lol. but what to do, i cannot shut people mouth. all i can do is just ignore that kind of people from now on. bye, i love you ibu(: