Monday, December 6, 2010

dear hasif, as soon as you read this. please call me. urgent. thankyou.
burah and hasif ;
of course, now we're best friend. they ignore what others talk bad about me and tell me instead :P
lol :D
haz like to wear like this. i like the way she wear it. macam coool je
my dream
you know your limits k
' either it's the truth or it's a threatening. ' - my big brother
dear romeo, if murder isn't a crime. i'm gonna kill you tonight.
i need you to understand - need you
don't think you can pull me down
 dorang nak cakap ape cakap ah - burah
ME- eh, i like your converse highcut shoe. awesome
ZUZU- huh, no lah. nie kasut i buy at woodland lame. $10 je.
ME- haha. omgawd, you're so honest siaa
bye bye
die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die
he can be ego, she can be arrogant, he can be a jerk, she can be a bitch, he can be a fcuker, she can be a prostitute, he can be nice, she can be kind, he can be handsome, she can be ugly, he can be horrible, she can be beautiful, he can be rich, she can be poor .. it's them. myob
Do you know that when a boy breaks a girl's heart, its much, much, much more than you know it affected her? That her tears are not only to show how it hurt but to at least try to blur out the world so she can forget ? that she thinks every sleeping and walking moment what the hell did she did wrong? hat when she looks at the photos of you with her, she tried to tear it but can't beacuse they're very beautiful memories to keep? that she can't throw away the teddy bear and carefully preserved chocolate you gace her because you gave it to her? that whenever she thinks of the  "i love you" words you told her she mutters "i love you, too" but realizes she can't say it anymore? Thtas its like the whole world tumbling before her eyes? No. You don't know what it feels like. You don't know how it feels to be cheated, to be left, to be fooled. And its taken very seriously because, once a girl loves, a girl really loves. i'm just saying no hard feeling.
aku rindu kau <3 you know who you are lol
twiggy's eyes, are amazing
here i go scream my lungs out - yellowcard
if i ever see you
sometime people need to shuddup
realitycheck, i HATE you ..... soon
i and haz went to fred perry. to buy the shirt that i want. so happy. ended up no stock -.-
first brother warned me not to buy any perfume. no no no, cause i still got 3 perfume that i never used. nag nag nag, cute brother ily<33

try to scroll up and down slowly. it move, or just me, try.
i like the way he take things so easily. he always have some way to be positive. down fall so fast, what a guy. sucha role model.
at least all guys not like you guys. get it, k bye.