Wednesday, December 29, 2010

yesterday i missed VS, sucke. but nevermind, i and dad laughed our ass out watching Ninja Warriors ! LOL
meet SKY
we bumped into him at scape. he approached us and tell us about this vouchers. by then, we said 'i got no money'. then he said nevermind. but still continued to chatted with us. soon, we wanted to go off. but our aim, is to get his number. lol. so i asked him 'can i have ur number?' he replied 'for?' i said 'if i want to buy how? don't have your number.' haha. he replied with a cute smiled 'you have a great move there ... here's my number ... ' LOLOLOLOL
yeesssssa, pay day ! i need a new shoe (Y)
tomorow ape plan ah ? LOL kaki da gatal nak keluar rumah :D

wahai lelaki - lelaki diluar, kenape kau da handsome -handsome tapi gay ? sedih per