Sunday, December 12, 2010

zomg. now white man season at sembawang. haha, seriously.
i'm love going to work more and more ..
tak dapat you, orang italy pon boleh ah LOL
after work, went to macD to had late dinner with GG. then an italian guy washing his hand. i smiled at his cause that is all i can do when he stared at us. after that, he kept looking at our direction. GG and me thought i did the wrong move lol. After eating, we stand up. then they stand up and approach us. talked to us, and by then all the people inside macD including the rider boys looking at us. paisey already, we told them to talked outside.

Went out to talked, then they want to make friends. At first, we were scared. haha. then we smoked behind macD then they followed. so we chatted and chilled. people who sat there and walked looked at us. ok best haha. then they introduce theirselves. i only remember two guys name Antonio. GG got crush on him, while i got crush with Andio. he got tattoos on his arms and back ~.~

Then Antonio asked if we could meet again tomorow. then he want to exchanged number. but i don't want so he asked GG. time passed, we need to go home already. then Antonio and his two friends accompanied us till mrt station. okay, GG promised them that we gonna meet them tomorow. after that, they asked how we say goodbye, GG said 'we shake hands' .. shaked hands then goodbye !

'Lelaki melayu tak pandang kite, orang Italy pon jadi ah' HAHA -.-
it took me 3hours to continue blogging. why? cause first brother got a big surprise for me ! guess what ?
ipod touch 4th generation *shout, jumping, rollling, stab*
can i like shout now ? ok bye. i lazy to update already. hehe adios.