Saturday, January 1, 2011

BYE BYE 2010 HOLLA 2011 , how's your celebrating ? hangover ?
reached home the next morning. woke up late. late for work. BAIK
2011 tak nak buat banyak dosa pleaseeeeeeeeee amin (:
i think i and you are drifting apart. you know that i still love you and you're my no.1 GF right ? :D
i love my brothers !
 someone called me nearly 10times, and i didn't pick up. LOL you called me when i'm either sleeping or busy working duuuuuuh HAHA ok nevermind at least we chatted already
MAYNE, he's freaaking cute ^^
tengok muke dek ni eh, stress pasal higher nitec pon hilannnnnnnnnng
tak sangke korang bace blog aku senyap - senyap eh. lol. nak stalk aku pon bilang lah aku dulu, tak lah aku terperanjat -.-
ok, firstly, i'm happy that i get a good GPA  but the thing is i don't know what's next o.O
when to apply ? when get cert ? when graduate ? how to apply ? me and my buddies text our teacher, but never reply. handphone silent buat vibrater pe -.-
today after work, had late dinner with GG, dini and kak ana. we ordered 2 cheesy crumble, 1 meatball, 1 hamburger, 1 calamari and 2 cheese something. and today, i have cheese coma and when i fart it stinks HAHA
i have a bad news. a bad and sad news. turtle and penyu transfer other place. aduh ! sakit nyer hati ku. HAHA, nak jiwang uh malam ni ):
let's make this year a year of no heart pain, no hypocrites and no dumping of friends.
c'mon mayne, i wanna be happy. you too right? now, let bygones be bygones. kalau nak gaduh je bile mau ending. but .... i won't forgive and forget laah. haha
dengar tu.
dayummn ! she's hot
guy with messy hair = sexy    yummy !
rabak ! aku tunggu kau call sia ! takpe aku ingat
COUNTDOWN was a blast. maut lah seh.