Friday, January 14, 2011

flame to dust, lovers to friend .. why do all good things come to an end ?
meow ! ~
uhm uhm, i d k what to say
aaaaah, the thing which i need to express but instead, this explain everything in my mind. easy(:
kate nak single, kasi 1month confirm attach. nielah kate melayu lol
alalala sayang
and you would destroy anyone who would try to hurt her .. - eminem
but my family hehehe ^^
have you ever feel when you like someone so much, that you want to be with him / her forever. but when you think twice, you would rather be friends and not more. cause you just don't want to .. ok aku emo stop it ahahaha
i rather kill you rather than seeing you suffer ceeeh -___-"
when you look me in the eye, you tell me that you love me ..
da start sekolah, sume demam lolololololol
first brother: better save your money from now
me: why?
first brother: june, let's go Bali together
me: ^^
me: asal name dek tu mabok sia ?
nadh: ouh, pasal orang cakap muke dier steam then jalan senget ..
me: wth, da handsome tapi muke steam haha
LOL i miss this dude
tomorrow i'm working mid-shift. yey !
bukan saya tidak mahu tolong kawan, saya cuma tidak mahu masuk campar dalam hal mak bapak awak. sorry strawberry
my handphone sucks. i rather use NS phone than touch screen phone
i survey some jackets, and rip curl jackets just got me tripping mayneeee
dulu ray ban common, so i buy oakley, sekarang oakley pulah common -___- meow ~
when i'm inside the train going to work, i saw something build for skateboarder near 888 court o.O
hi hehehehehe

today this mak cik fetched me from work without telling me. i want to go poo poo then saw her at the toilet -.- basically, she came then chatted with lokman and kak ana till i finished my shift. waaaah, best nyer orang angkat saye dengan surprised, hah. then accompanied her to smoke with siti, ponyo and penyu. after that slacked around till wan which is her boyfriend finish work. punye lah lame. while the rest went pastamania for dinner. i miss alot of things manye. about my old girls, lynn, mai and amy): ouh, dee and fir too. then went to platform waited for wan. then we went our seperate ways. they went orchard, but i want to sleep so i went back home^^ tomorrow this mak cik start morning. jangan lambat k. xoxo
ps: wan looks like 18 or 19 but he's 21 and abang - abang CD seeh lol