Sunday, January 23, 2011

hahahahaha, i love what i dreamt last night gugugaga >.<
sayang sayang sayang kau mudah berpunya ..
19th March weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~
when someone i love / like msg me, my ketiak berpeluh hahahaha -.- serious
a small boy came to my workplace. he's too handsome that i and syikin said ' boy, you're handsome. can i have your number in future? ' hahahaha
gawd, my second brother gonna pierce his nose. kimice, mat rep -.-
lawa nyer tattoo dier
my gf fetched me from work ^^

ni E eh, tak abes - abes berak sia   jamban merane sia ahaha
" It takes a boy to say he’s different but a man to actually show it. It takes a girl to give up and assume every guy is the same but it takes a woman to give chances through the pain. "
i love to ask these to some people. which they prefer ..
1. Pretty / Handsome with a boring personality    or
2. Ugly with a great personality
I like staying up late until my eyes and my brain can’t handle it anymore. That way, when my head falls on the pillow, my brain is too exhausted to worry about what tomorrow brings for me.
i was otp with burah. we were singing chris brown song. then ibu came out and shout 'kau leh diam tak orang nak tido' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -.-
i wanna make love right na na na
me: what's your full name ?
E: bruno mars bin Ismail
me: cibai ru laki aku sak hahaha
E: hahaha ladies first
me: my full name is katy perry
E: HAHAHA nabey teng - teng
lapaaaaar nyeee
i still remember my first brother caught me red-handed. i went to the toilet, he checked my N-Gage phone. read my msg from Essham. hahahahahahaa tu babi sia i'll never forget that incident. perangai secondary school, tetek blom grow nak matair haha sekarang bo layan LOL
and we're going to meet tomorrow and on the 30th *jumping up and down*
i just did this ):
ok it's 2:12am. i need to sleep. i'm going to wake up early tomorrow to clean up my whole house. hehe. okay xoxo everyone