Monday, January 17, 2011

handsome right ? haha, his name Ali Saddiq Appleton (:
i have a 2days course. today is the first day. was fun actually, but i hate to wake up early in the morning and go penisular -.- 25th floor, mamps tinggi gile >.<
let's say F is a mistake ? :/ i d k
at the course, there's 6 philipines and 1 indonesia. i and zuzu laughed cause we feel like it was a maid agency course ahaha
yes, but noooooooooooo
and i'm so tired
 someone's birthday coming *rolleyes*
ok ni cute dengan background ^^
 you. yes you, the one who only wear boxer ahaha
the people who i go out with to karaoke and burah ^^
brother gonna go holiday with his friend to Bintan this saturday. and he's gonna bring my camera ):
at the course, there's this guy who is very soft. easy to say, bapok. he sit beside me and he 's very friendly, talkative. lol. and he's 16years old. i thought he's 18 or 19. haha, got the shocked of my life
you know what, this is what i hate. k da malas nak layan mane - mane jantan lah lol
like a star a star a star a star like a star
i am
we have to introduce ourselves. and i was shy lol here's what happen ..

jane: introduce yourself please
me: hi my name is farah
jane: so how long have you been working for ******** ?
me: 1hr
jane and everyone: HUH ?!
me: eh eh, no no 1year
everyone: *laughing*
i wanna eat fried mars bar ): tomorrow tomorrow ^^
aku tak nak gaduh dengan perempuan lain pasal lelaki  takde masa please-.-
ibu: fara, kucing hilang
me: abeh ibu boleh duduk lagi?
... cari - cari
me: ade kat dalam wardrobe laaa
i went Aldo with zuzu cause got 50% sale (: and i saw this 5inch heel, fuuuuuuh .. maut. but i tak pakai heel haha
i love how strong zee is. eventhough her last ex turns out to be a gay. she try not to think that way and continue to wait for him eventhough he is a gay. and from then, she don't like guys but yesssss to gays. ahaha
alamaknicookiebuatilapargileah ):
at table have 2 packet of double macspicy. makan ke tak nak
yeah, i know how it feels
gua nak rembat lu pon cantik lol -.-
im dead im dead, it's 11:33pm and i'm still awake. tomorrow need to wake up at 5:00am MAMPS !
but it depends if you want to see which side ceeeeh ahah
i like it when the guy shoulder is the same height as my height. ok mentel goodnight