Monday, January 10, 2011

I D K what happend, really
annnnnnnnd everytime i see nutella, reminds me of hasif when he ate this late night D:
it's 12.00pm,  and my gf laying at living room, painting our nails suuuuuuuuuuuuwit
let's not fall in love and concentrate with my BFs and GF and family. yeah, that's what i'm gonna do
gf and i spent our evening together at my living room. we were fb-ing and something shocked me, like really 
kening aku stop it please, macam minah johor siaaaa -.- stop auntie who thread's my eyebrows kanasai
did i tell ya that i have phobia of cutting my hair? yea. when it's my turn, my heartbeat beats like a drum. i wanna cry and i wanna go home. hahaha. gf gets irritated hahahaha and now it's short .. i want my old hair )': i look ugly with short hair
bubye long and curly hair
me:  ' along, rambut alah dah tak macam harimau lapar kan? '
along: ' neat. but still, ugly '
we have a good talking session just now
me: bu, mane seluar panjang alah ?
ibu: ouh ibu cuci.
me: huh? tak kan nak pakai seluar pandek kan hujan sejuk
ibu: sape suruh kau beli seluar pendek
me: takpe ah alah carik !

mane ade masa, ceh
yes, i can feeeeeeeeeeel the heat ):
i'm so lonely, you miss me ? lol -.-
i miss school ):
F: so what course u're applying ?
me: EM
F: hah. prepare for the worse k ? hah.
me: kelakar pe sial ? tak support nak cakap prepare for the worse.
F: sorry ah girl.
me: bye cb


today was an okay day for me
BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME orang reject tu bute haha
haha, everytime on the phone with hasif. i'll always press number when he never talk or silent LOL
hah, kan aku cakap dier semangat 5minit *rolleyes*
along, you suck. you go survey car never bring me. haha, don't want to talk to you. bluek :P
haha, ok cool
mulut dier boleh tahan macam pantat ayam eh
birthday bf aku, aku belikan kau nie. takpayah lah kau susah - susah korek kat dalam jar (:
the hair length, the layered is my current hair i miss my old hair boooohooo
ok sexy gileeeee
cinta cinta, mana ada time gang ahahhahaah
GG, tomorrow i'm working morning. damngirl, i'm gonna miss you, you gemok. i miss my melatah makcik.
i'm learning
ceh, kakak hot ni nanti start keje balik lah. haha, meet you saturday. mesti abang - abang gain city gile - gile kan kau. macam budak starhub. lol, ok confirm kecoh.
kau tak nampak ke kau bodoh ke bengap  -.-
we had cheese fries, 2 teh-O for our dinner. our BF treat us (Y) and i d k why we talked about drinks. okay, i can't wait for another.
orang niarie first day sekolah, kite tiga orang lepak hahaha da besar kite ehk
i lost my favourite shirt. dayumn ~
tomorrow i'm working morning, finish at 5pm. i hope i can wake up. da 3am, cannot sleep
pray hard that i can get into the course i want. please ):
hi abang handsome. macam tak nak berbual ngan aku lagi je sedih tau aku :[