Thursday, January 6, 2011

i dream about turtle ahahahaha :D
k aku tak tau masak and sekarang i'm hungry dayumn !
' fara you gotta cut your hair or do something to your hair. your hair macam harimau lapar ' HAHAHAHA ^^
moooooonday off. yey ! saturday go JB uhm, yey ?

this month macam heartbreak month jeeeeeee lol
i can't wait to be legal for something ahahahaha first brother gonna take me there o.O
kalau aku kurus gile, aku nak amek ballon terbang jauh - jauh -.-
i really hate it when people say ' 2012 kiamat ' i feel like slapping his / her face clockwise and anti- clockwise seriously pantits.
bought a top (: and the vans shoe that i bought, dayumn hurt
kaki mintak kene jilat
aaaaaah, bought Emporio Armani bag, gold colour so sexy
dear john , i cannot stop watching your show <3
i wanna cut my hair, but i don't know what style. lol
she's my friend, she's my girlfriend, she's my boyfriend, she's my teacher ok i can't state everything here .. simple, she's everything .
this picture is sooooooo sexy yummy haha
sometime i cover my face when taking picture cause ibu saya cakap kalau amek gambar banyak - banyak muke nanti cepat tuer lol
yes, you *rolleyes*
F, go figure it out ahahahaha
i found a hat just like this, and yesssssss, i was about to buy it during countdown. but we were in hurry. then tak jadi )':
F: you cant fool me
me: okay, spell toast
F: t-o-a-s-t
me: say it 5 times
F: toast,toast,toast,toast,toast
me: say it another 3 times
F: toast,toast,toast
me: okay... what do you put in a toaster?
F: toast
ME: huh ? i put in bread

hahahaha , pantits, my top-up finish. hahahahaha. was on the phone, sudenlly got *tit tit tit* hahahahaha!! mamps top-up $128 can last only for 1week *rolleyes*
for me, if a guy breaks your heart, relax .. just break his psp. he'll finally understand your pain.
HAHAHAHAHAHA! omgawd, soooo true
waaah, lawaaa but peace - peace ni sume da boring
hahaha, get it ?
thi picture remind me of something ahahaha
WWF - Woodland WaterFront
when i was a child, i thought moon was earth and now, in my mind, what am i thinking ? lol
bun bun bun boikl boink bun bun bun