Friday, January 21, 2011

it's 2:00pm amd i'm still sleepy
pantat369 sume bawak matair peg graduation night. aku bawak ayah aku lah. lebih berfaedah HAHA
Lan: Nanti June aku boleh tumpang kau naik krrrrrrrrr
me: ceh ceh confident seh abang lan hahaha 
second brother bought this type of cap LAWA can pinjam :D
my sweet nadh hellping me to find tie-dye sleeveless. i want it it's too dayumn cool
girl who is pretty, with tattoos all over, more than one piercing , my favourite.
my gf: bile mau club ?
is this ruby rose ? guess so :/
chatting  ..
Lan: Fara, kau da mandi ?
me: Kau rase ?
Lan: Blom kan confirm
Lan: Orang disini pon belom haha
2 X 5 lah eh
when i look at this picture, tempting
first brother off to Bintan today at 9:00am ): i'm gonna miss him. i didnt wake up t say goodbye to him nak nangis uh
and yesterday i had fun with this two gundus. haha. reached home at 1:00am -.- jubo, miss last bus. basically, i and hasif meet up and fetched burah from work ^^ then we slacked one place to another. then fetched mira from work. then slacked and civic. saw rifdi's brother. i didn't know burah know him. ok overall i had fun. can't wait for 30th xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo