Wednesday, January 12, 2011

jing er: oi, you forever alone. don't want to find hubby ah?
me: tell me who in this world want to be single forever?
' now then you know ? kalau da rapa, baru lah dier cheeky ' - nadh  ahahaha fcuk
Alalalalalalala sayang. Dier da ITE lah sey, baju da lemau ahaha. this girl here name GG visit me without telling me ! when i saw here, i shouted, we hugged each other and tears rolled down my cheek. haha i miss her ): and and she buy for me hello kitty necklace and braclet ((: i love you GG. uhm, mentang - mentang da dapat bursary, jadi OKB ah ni ? lol. pegi shopping kat face shop tak ajak. and tomorrow she finish at 3pm. and i'm going to meet her. gawd, she's like my lil' sister :S
i love you Geeeeee lol
 another 7 more months, pelan - pelan kayuh sia
ni untuk si F
can i stab her from the back darah naik siaaaa

ladies and gentlemen, if you go on a date, never ever eat oreo. cause when you eat, later terselit kat gigi how? lagi - lagi kat tengah. lol. i've experience it, trust me, turn off sia ahahaha
jing er: waaah, you natural beauty sia
me: you blind or stupid sia ?
jing er: fcuk sia you !
da da da masuk bilik jom ahahahaha
ate this for lunch. okay, i won't eat anything else tonight.
GG: kat sekolah GG ade pompan pakai make-up 1inch seeh tebal nak mampos ..
me: ITE, standard ah ahaha
went smoke break with kak ana. when i didn't realised Simon head was at my shoulder (:

me: walao you ..
simon: what ?
kak ana: next time poke her lah ..
simon: cannot, later she turn kiss me on the cheek how ?
kak ana: alaaaah, kiss only. not pain ..
me: ahahahha
simon: ok next time

GG, guess who i dream .. turtle ahahahaha
it's 2:35am and i can't sleep eventhought i'm tired. dayumn, tomorrow i'm off yey. the next morning, mampos kene bangun pagi - pagi.
me: tapi kan, ego lelaki tinggi macam tiang lampu sak kalah pompan
angah and along : *rolleyes*
me: ahahahahahahaha tapi betol peee
kan da cakap ^^
next outing bile sayangsss and jackiesss ?