Wednesday, January 5, 2011

imma strong girl (: you can't knock me down
i need to warm up
i'm gonna cut my hair soon.
if imma bitch, i have already slap that guy. but i'm not a bitch
i just told them that i'm tired. i won't tell them what's my problem, cause they have their own problems. so i rather kept queit (:
i and burah gonna meet on monday. let's havea lil' gf session k.
he have std. can you imagine it ? gawd, my heart breaks into pieces, so hard.
peace yo
i'm try not to sleep. i'm gonna ..
i promise you won't see me crying
forever single *yawn*
now is the other way round -.-
if i have the guts to say this to my dad, he would be proud with his one and only little girl (:

aftter watching Lagenda Budak Setan with first brother. a scene showed that the girl said ' i akan tunggu you ' then brother said ' kalau ade perempuan macam gini kan bagus. sekarang perempuan suke tinggal kan lelaki. tak jumpe 2 atau 3 hari da flirt ngah lelaki lain. ape, nak kite kat depan mate dorang je per. abeh takyah keje ? merepek kan perempuan sekarang '  and when he said that, it just impress me. haha