Tuesday, January 18, 2011

saya rindu gile dengan awak ):

alala, comelssssss
pay day can you come faster. there's alot of sale now
you jahat - jahat pon, you can change to becom a better person   ok no link i know ahahha
ni makan macam nadh lol
today the course end early. so i, zuzu and roland accompanied me to buy fried mars bar. yummms(: then we went to marina square. wah, the sale posters so big make me tempting to buy the stuff. half way, roland need to go work. left me and zuzu. we went esplanade. yey, at last we had a goood loong chatted. there's so many topic to talked about. about 5:00pm we board the bus from there straight to woodland. 1hr30mins trip sian. ok that's all :P
i lioke her style ^^
meow ~ lul

he sincerely looks at you ..
whisper words that'll make you smile ..
be with you ..
do silly things with you ..
hold your hand ..
open the door for you ..
drive you around ..
wait for you and no complain ..
share clothes with you ..
play with you ..
carry you ..
protect you ..
accept your flaws and see every beauty in you ..
understands you ..
 annnnnnnnd accept you

ok zac come singapore i marry you (:
tomorrow suppose to be my off day but he called and say i'm working in the afternoon shift. cb, macam gini bile aku nak rest sial dayumn laaaa ):
i saw this beautiful snow cap. did i tell ya bout it ? i guess so :/
haha, kecik - kecik da pandai eh
F stands for Fuck -.-"
zuzu told me, if you're too cold sometimes you just gotta smoke hahaha
alamak, dek  ni bongok ke bodoh ke tak siuman haiyo *rolleyes*
fred perry wooooo
ok dek tu lain macam gile suspicious nye maintain
ok ni sume untuk perempuan - perempuan dan janda - janda diluar sana hahaha wtf

marah tanda sayang, cemburu tanda cinta dan benci tanda kasih hahaha word buat sendiri -.-
i like everything on her ^^
i and zuzu was sitting at esplanade and saw a guy tryna help his gf to wear the nacklace. we went 'awwwwwwww' haha then followed by 'i rather wear it myslef. nanti leher geli ! hahah'
ok, it's 1:00am i need to sleep already ): or else, tomorrow i'm gonna be aa zombie with eyebag. xoxo