Sunday, January 9, 2011

this is for all the ladies out there ceh ahaha
monday orang ite start sekolah, i kat sini goyang kaki hahaha :P
kening, gua rindu lu
he don't skate, but he ride hahahaa
i purposely didn't msg you, and there you are (: *jumping jumping*
 ' kau jangan bagi chance, biar kau diam. kasi dier rindu baru dier msg kau hahaha ' - along
you know who you are :D
charlie st. cloud was awsomeness !
i'm sucha happy girl girl :B
tapi sekarang relax nanti tunggu august
tomorrow gonna meet burah <3
dear F, you're schooling tomorrow. have a safe ride to school k jage diri baik - baik :P
i'm not schooling bishan already, i'm gonna miss you ):
fringe bile mau grow lembab gile
harap - harap kau jangan semangat 5 minit please :/
k takmo jealous o.O
 *cover eyes* ahahahaha
gg, i'm gonna miss you mayne. everytime after work we would eat our late supper together. buy double cheeseburger two times and laughed with our stupid jokes. today is your last day, and i'm gonna miss the poking to make you 'melatah'. i'll never forget just now, when we splashed water lol perangai mereps sak but all the best k gemok ! do your best on ite i love you <3
F, i'm no longer in bishan. sedih per )':

antare nak atau taknak k
confirm every girl got do thid once in her life confirm
baby baby baby ohh ~
curl da boring
omg, dier dier ..haha
that guy looks like my boyfriend; alex turner somehow
bile kat rumah bun lawa kalau kat luar masai
meow !~
you would be sending macD's food to people house ahahahahaha

goodnight xoxo btw, rabak pegi karaoke tak ajak aku hahaa. ade lan and fairuz sia. k bubye (: