Sunday, January 2, 2011

today we hit target ! no break for us. goooood, can diet :D
remember i told you there's someone who stalked me from work ? yeah, here's what happend. i was inside the store room. and when i came out, his friend standing at the entrance and pointing and me 'eh dok, dek ni eh' and the guy ran away. lokman and gg was like -.-  matrep memang dasar matrep lol
i saw 'someone' picture when i was fb-ing LOL so funny
HAHA muke peanut peanut ni seram
HAHAHAHAHA *insertwordhere*
kimice. ni handsome dier rabak gilee ^^
da makin lame, boring pulak ahahahahaha sedih
i love the atmosphere
saw 11 year-old girl who wrote 'i love you my baby forever' on her status make me wanna laugh mayne ok tak baik
first brother: ape ni ! camera tarok sembarang ?! da no more present !
me: angah ! tak tarok balik, pandai peer !
second brother: angah tak pakai ah !
me: then who upload those picture in your fb ?!
angah : ouh ehk?

i lurp fb haha
come , be my percy purrrrr ~
i hidup single tak susahkan you pe luls
let's watch another round of  'Dear John' omgawd, won't there be any difference this year ? anything ? k antara nak atau taknak ahahahaha
 i d k y but i like guys with goatee  the cute and neat ones, not yang bersepah
i guess i'm taking event management for high nitec ? at least i got nasha and fadhil to teach me. ok pikir pangjang nanti tak dapat nangis ahahaha i still remember i cried when i didnt get into nursing hahaokidontwanttosaybadwordherecauseitsanewyear
the ONLY anime who never make me fall asleep lol ?
2 off days. 1st day go party party and shopping cause i stll havent spent my $$ and 2nd day stay home .... or not.
a girl wearing high cut shoes ......... *rolleyes*
mayne dayumn
i have a long and it's very masai nak mamps. what can i do
i loike her style
my bf, if your read this call me once you wake up. i wanna ask you out. ceh, macam aku bangun cepat jer. call me around 2pm k. xoxo

ibu: tadi ibu kat keje ngan ayah kan. ibu nampak orang pakai jeans koyak rabak. ayah cakap dorang gang fight. betol ke ?
me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA abeh ibu pecaye ape ayah cakap bu ?
kalau tkde matair, nak keluar mesti takde orang nak ikot sume busy #$#%#$^@#^!^@ nak bukak sekolah katekan lol ape tu sekolah eh ? ahhahahaha

besok i cari kat party ahahaha
ok it's nearly 3 in the morning and i'm blogging wtfara ?
k besok :D bye