Thursday, January 13, 2011

' tunggu dek ni boleh buat music video sial ' - hazzy   ahahahaa!!
GG my lil' sis from different father and mother (:

today i meet her after school at woodland. i'm late as usual(: then we went to TheFaceShop, bought nail polish and nail remover. walked around CWP. Accompanied her for dinner. AyamPenyet wooo. after that, we went macD. bought fries then headed to civic to slacked. we cracked some jokes and she laughed like noones bussiness -.-" sempat pakai nail polish ahaha. overall, it was our first outing together, yey! tomorrow she start at 7:30am. haha, padan muke bangun pagi. Simei, so jauh. okay, that's all for today. ily GG ((:
waaaaaaaah, lapa per ): takde bende can makan kat house
 F, hantar quater pounder beef meal ahahahahaha
my manager called me just now ..

lokman: eh girl, ade minah carik kau. what happend ?
me: ouh dek tu yang kening tipis tu kan. haha
lokman: what happend?
me: tell her i got life k
lokman: hahaha roger that, she said she'll come tomorrow
me: roger out
wooooooooooooooo, nice
tomorrow i'm working in the morning -___- mrt confirm full macam that time boooooooo
i stilll remember during secondary school my old buddy, solihin, bring me to jamming with his band named Rubberband101 lol so cute right
waaaaah, later go course got freeeeeeeeeeee buffet. sape tak suke bile dengar free oi :B
everywhere i go, i can here black and yellow song. it's either someone's ringtone, blog, tumblr or people hearing song loudly so muak
F: your friend is flirting with me
me: i know *slap on your face*
F: why?
me: you make me jealous ahahahaha
F: basket haha
still a long way to go for my pay day
it's 12:35am i can't sleep mamps besok keje pagi
the first male stuff to be hire turns out to be a butch hahahaha
i must straighten my hair if i wanna go out if not rambut macam dawai lol
me: tak nak tompang motor ah !
F: asal sah?
me: nanti hujan takde bumbung, basah. nanti bukak helmet rambut tak seksi. nanti tak boleh pakai skirt. nanti acciddent takde sheild. hahaha
gawd, i can smell my cat shit from balcony ahahaha cibai busuk sak
da shave bulu ketiak belom eh ? hahahaha -.-
' i can see ___ like you, not F. ' - GG
da cuci bau wangi jee
it's 1:05am i wanna watch movie bubbye