Friday, February 11, 2011

i accidentally fall in love with a malaysian guy at Pandan City. Now he stuck inside my head hehe
at least, burah did ^^
one simple reason why i didnt slap that bitch, cause im not a bitch. ceeeeh
i decided not to private my blog cause i wrote something which i don't want people to read bout it
what's my plan for v'day?
i went Pandan City with my elder brother yesterday night. we had dinner at there. we bought satay^^ i told brother that the guy is so friggin cute. he took our orders. few minutes later, he sent us the satay.
brother: tadi ape kau cakap fara ?
me: *pinch his arm*
brother: tak tadi kau cakap sape handsome ?
me: diam lah bodo *pinch his arm*
LOL homygod, now he stuck inside my head. haha cinta pandang pertama ceh haha
the hair \m/
yesterday i had movie marathon alone till 7 in the morning. today i wanna sleep at 12pm haha it's 1:12am now. k bye