Friday, February 25, 2011

it's 3:15am i can't sleep. anyway, i miss talking to my long lost best friend. i don't how he is now. ouh well, if you're reading this. i hope you doing fine and you better read my blog everyday haha

saturday means pay day. yey. i need two pairs of new shoes. vans ooh vans, im craving for you. wait, is that even english ? oh well

last month i shopped at zara, december i shopped at topshop, november i shopped at forever 21, october i shopped at fred perry. this month, fcuk. lol, ceh step high end padahal pasar malam pon jadi sia hahaha

i need to buy accessories. all my accessories my brother cekop tak fair. psp aku bagi ex dier nabuay ;[

after a loooooong week, msg 'Goodnight Farrah!' pon jadi lah ^^

he is so (inserttherightwordhere) hot. the most handsome guy on earth that i have seen. ok enough. i was googling and found him. he's only 19 years old, brazilian. model. okay, i have to admit. when i went youtube and watched his video, i had to swallow my saliva when i watched him. i can't understand what the hell he is talking but who cares, his face make me wanna watch more. dear francisco, if you're gay im gonna turn into lesbian haha

ok it's 4:ooam i wanna watch movie at Iphone. bye bye