Tuesday, March 8, 2011

guess what? guess what ? i get accepted ! omg. but im so lazy to wake up early in the morning to go school. simei siol sape mau layan. so anyway, now it's all up to my medical check up. if i fail, i can't get accepted for the course. and if i pass, friday i go back to the school to pass them my report and buy school uniform and pay school fees. lol. im sexcited. but nervous.

i went interview on monday. when i alight from the bus, i stand at the bus stop like some gundu don't know what t do next. few seconds, some ite student start making noise with their bikes on the road. ok nevermind. so i went inside. trying to find the technology blk. people at the forum was like 'budak ni sesat kape?' finally i found the room. farking nervous. and when the staff said 'let me give you a chance to prove to me that you can pass this course' and in my heart 'can i cry now?' lol

i went out. i said goodluck to this one guy name jeffery. his turn was next. haha. i went out. called my mom and cried while walking towards the lift. i dont care if anyone saw me crying haha. then i waited for gg at level 3 cause i was lost -.- i dont like the school very big. bigger than bishan. haha. then i waited gg to finish her test. then we went for lunch at century square. we ate popeye ! then we bused down to our workplace.

and today, i went Sata for my medical checkup. i swear i dont wanna go there anymore. haha. they asked me to pee inside a cup. after i pee i was carrying it and some hot guys sitting waiting for their turn looking at what i am holding. haha sungguh mamalukan. and i need to walked the same path to throw the cup. haha omg. after finish the 4 station. i sat at the counter to wait for my number to be called out. i waited for 30mins. i went to the counter and asked 'after finishing the 4 station can go back or wait?' and the nurse answered 'ouh you can go back.' waste my time. after that cabbed to workplace.

reached work. ate lunch with kak ana. then penyu/zaidi and turle/adlie as usual disturb us during work. lol. i was having fever. after the injection. so they tried to make me laughed. hah, at least. then penyu wanted to touch my injection part. i slap his hand and he said 'oh mak kau. ish! terperanjat girlgirl' hahahaha lol ok bye im so tired and weak. xoxo