Saturday, March 5, 2011

hi i just came back from town. my aim there is not to overspent. my another aim is just to buy things for my interview for nursing. ended up, both my aim habok -.- now my pocket got lobang

anyway, i wrote that im taking my olevel right? i planned. suddenly, the next day a teacher called me to asked me to come down to simei ite for interview for nursing on monday at 1pm. i was like what gee ? lol. so my plan now is, if i get to nursing, im not going for my olevel. if i didn't get into nursing, im going to take my olevel. i need to plan now so i know where im going. so yea ^^ for those who is in ite simei, see ya at technology blk haha

i came back, mum saw a zara plastic bag haha and she gave me the kaupunyepasal face haha. don't blame me ok. that top just caught my eye and my hands just took it and my legs walked towards the cashier haha. it cost me 50bucks. im so gonna be kering this month haha mati mati ):

when you have money and when you're single, you can live your life to the fullest. haha seriously, i have witness it. and it's kak zee ^^

i saw dad smoking at living room. i went to the kitchen and came back i saw dad ciggy still long. and i was like what gee ? sekali dier isap electronic ciggy haha wtf -.-

 bile dier gatal, kite buat bodoh dier cakap kite sombong. bile dier bual merepek, kite marah dier cakap kite garang. bile kite kawan, dier nak lebih dari kawan abeh kite tak nak cakap kite jual mahal. bile dier cakap ily dekat kite, kite tak cakap balik dier cakap kite tak sayang dier. what's up gee ? kau da betol kan wire kau baru call aku k mals nak gado bye