Friday, March 25, 2011

i don't know why but for the past few days, when i'm stress. i would spent my last month pay that i kept for my license. i spent like water. i go shopping at town either alone or with someone. and today i went out with mum and abby. i didn't spent. but mum spent on me. lol. we went tangs. she bought for me a levis shoes and obey bag. maybe for school. idk yet. then we went ion. she bought for me fred perry wallet. annnnnnnnnd im happy. next shopping outing? 1st april. with my girls xoxo.

ouh btw, i survey jeans. i saw one eye-catching jeans at new look. but looking at the price, i can buy 2 jeans at bershka LOL hidup mesti pandai haha;D

AND AND a pak cik who work at zara as security flirts with my mum -.- excuse me, im her daugther. ceh hahahaha