Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the worst part when you're in love with a guy is when you got to know he's ------- .
your heart is being cut open, your jaw drop to the floor and it seems like your love life suck to the max.
haha, on the other hand, its funny hahahahaha .|.

Feel like killing someone. lol, okay im being so emotional lah. stop it, stop being emotional about these kind of things. the main thing now is to focus on my o level you can do it fara, jia yo ! :B

told sarah im going to meet her and second round of shopping when im off.
omg fara, you need to save money for your license !

told you im gonna get vans shoes. lol. so monday im off, i went out with my big brother and my sister-in law, kak zee. haha. we went shopping, movie and food food food ! we meet up at ykc. then went to marina to eat seoul garden, whose treat ? Kak Zee haha. then we went to book tickets, whose treat ? Big brother haha. After that, they followed me to go shopping and big brother is the one who carried all the things^^ then we went mbs to buy macoroons and ice mocha, whose treat ? Big brother haha. then we sat near the casino where there are mist at night. the atmosphere so romantic for couples. you guys should go there(: then cabbed home.

what i bought ?
- 3 tops from Dorothy Perkins
- 1 ring from Diva
- 1 denim jeans from Bershka (favourite!)
- a perfume from Body Shop
- shoes from Vans \m/

today i did the biggest mistake in my whole life. i walk pass a watch shop. i saw a beautiful handsome g-shock watch. my head keep thinking of it now, im so tempting to buy that stupid thing eventhought its not in my list for this month. haha, shit i shouldn't walk pass that shop and stop and went in -.- that black watch. fcuk lah, save duit save duit !! tunggu next month lol gian k bye